Monday, January 2, 2012

League of Legends/ Heroes Of Newerth/ DotA

Anyone play any MOBA's here? DotA, LoL, HoN, or DotA 2? 

DotA: Defense of the Ancients
LoL: League Of Legends
HoN: Heroes of Newerth
DotA 2: Defense of the Ancients 2

Personally, I used to like HoN the best, but lately with all the recent changes to it; I have started playing LoL again. But to describe each games pros and cons.

DotA: Original, Most Balanced, Great for its time!
LoL: Great community, Like DotA but yet so far from it. As you get into higher levels on their latter system, they get more troll like.
HoN: Almost exact to DotA
DotA 2: Same as the first.

DotA: No one plays it anymore.
LoL: Masteries and Runes ruin the game play often making it unbalanced and unfair for lower levels when facing higher levels.
HoN: It's filled with Trolls and Brazilians. And it's almost exactly like LoL except without the runes or masteries! And it has a lot of bull crap early access crap even though you paid 30$ for the game!
DotA 2: No one can get into the Beta.